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HANHONG test system of digital stethoscope(HH6518)

HANHONG test system of digital stethoscope(HH6518)

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Product Description

The electroacoustic test system of Hanhong electronic stethoscope (HH6518) is composed of a sound box, electroacoustic test equipment, software system and test fixtures designed to meet the appearance of different shapes. The system has obtained the national patent license.

The system is developed by Hanhong Medical Technology according to the industrial standard of electronic stethoscope. The test results meet the relevant requirements of industry standards. It can detect/measure the output sound pressure level, equivalent input noise, total harmonic distortion, left and right ear balance, phase and other electroacoustic indicators of the electronic stethoscope. One click full project automatic test, or test a project separately, and automatically generate a test report; The software interface is displayed in text and curve. The test process is simple and fast, and the test results are intuitive and clear.

Since the system is equipped with a standard mute box, the detection process can be realized in ordinary environments (such as production workshops, ordinary rooms, etc.), which can save the user the high cost of building a dedicated mute room.

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